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Introducing Makoeyes.com
Located and launched in S.Korea, We, Makoeyes.com, are dedicated to create the next level of all BJD related products such as Eyes, Wigs, Clothes and Dolls as well. After long time experiment and development, we are still eager to make the top notch BJDs. With our unique vision, we are very confident to meat your expectation in future.
For now, we are happy to release our first products – Mako Urethane Eyes and they will expand various style and size. And also, we are now working on our own Ball Jointed Dolls to fulfill your fantasy.
Please stay tuned with us.
Introducing Mako Urethane Eyes
All of our Urethane Eyes have their extra-ordinary clearence and stability for your dolls. Most BJD enthusiasts might know that the clarity and transparancy of Urethane Eyes are tops in value. However, most of them are worried about their stability – being yellow by the sunray. With our Double UV Protect Layers, Mako Urethane Eyes are extreamly stable comparing to other Urethane Eyes.